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 Puppy School with BAXTER&Bella


As you may know, we have been using Puppy Culture protocols with our litters for the past couple of years and are very impressed with the results. However, we were looking for a program to further our puppies' education once they go home. We were introduced to Baxter & Bella by a fellow Standard Poodle breeder and are very excited about the training tools they offer. We believe in their program so much, that we have decided not only to use it ourselves but to partner with them to offer a 25% discount to our puppy families when they use our special code ELSILENCIO. Your subscription includes a lifetime access to their online training videos, live classes, live office hours and their vast resource library. Baxter & Bella are currently working on a program geared towards children working with puppies. This program is fun and helpful for the whole family bringing home a new puppy. Click on the Baxter & Bella logo to visit their website for more information. 

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