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Our Facilities

Welcome to our Poodle Cabin and our Poodle House

First, we would like to introduce you to our Poodle Cabin. This is our multiple function custom building. We use it to groom all of our dogs and puppies right here at home. My daughter Miranda and my friend Alisha help with all our dog's  grooming needs. The Poodle Cabin is also used as a puppy training area. After spending the first 6 weeks in my house, the puppies are moved into the Poodle Cabin to learn many new things. One of the most important aspects of being in here is the fact that they learn to use the doggy door to go potty outside. When the weather is nice, we open up our adventure yard for them to explore and get accustomed to many different toys and elements to climb on. 

Poodle Cabin

Poodle House

Our Poodle House has only been finished since March 18th 2020. We converted two of my old horse stalls into my new Poodle House. The size is 16’ x 24’, has two doggy doors that go out into a 16’x 24’ covered area that will be concreted once the weather turns nice. Of course there is always room for improvment. There is also a huge fenced in yard that my Standard poodles can go out to. The Poodle House is equipped with a 18500 btu air/heat unit. All of our Standard Poodles are family members and get to stay in the house with us (including our stud Romeo). The Poodle House makes it possible for our dogs to have plenty of playtime during the day. They have the option to come in anytime, to cool off or warm up. None of our dogs have to live in crates this way. 

Poodle House

Whelping and Puppy play areas inside my home

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