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Frequently asked Questions 

Q.  How do I adopt a puppy?     

A.  Please visit our Adoption Process Page.

Q.  How much do your puppies cost?

A.  Prices vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to:

      Bloodlines, Health Test Results of Parents, Sex, Color & Breeding Rights vs Pet (Prices on our website are for Limited AKC [Without Breeding Rights] Breeding Rights/Full AKC can be discussed.)

Q. Do you offer Full AKC or Breeding Rights?

A.  Most of our puppies are placed on a spay/neuter clause.  However, breeding rights are considered on a individual basis. 

Q.  Do you offer  any discounts?

A.  Yes, we offer discounts to active military and veterans.  We also offer discounts on service animals.  Conditions do apply and we will want to speak to the trainer you are working with for service animals.

Q.  What forms of payment do you accept?

A.  Deposits can be placed with Cash App or Bank Transfer. Balance must be paid in Cash at pick up or when meeting to pick up your puppy (unless prior arrangements have been made to pay with Cash App or Bank Transfer ahead of time.)  For puppies that are being shipped; the Balance is due via Cash App, Cashier's Check, or Bank Transfer at 7 weeks, or your deposit will be moved to the next litter. In the case of older puppies or dogs being shipped, the balance must be paid 7 days in advance of leaving.   

Q.  Do you use E.N.S.?

A.  Yes, we raise all of our litters with E.N.S. 

Q.  Do you raise every litter with Puppy Culture?

A.  Yes, but we are still learning and don't consider ourselves experts.  We try to implement more of the Puppy Culture protocols with each litter. 


Q.  What is your vaccination protocol?  

A.  Our veterinarian vaccinates our puppies for DHPP at 6-7 weeks of age. If our puppies are still with us at 10 -11 week our veterinarian will administer DHLPP and will continue a vaccination protocol according to the age of the puppy. Our veterinarian comes to our house. This way we avoid exposing the puppies to possible diseases at the vet clinic.


Q.  What is your de-worming protocol?

A.  We administer Pyrantel Pamoate at 2 & 4 weeks of age. At 6 & 8 Weeks, we administer Drontal Plus. 

Q.  What will I receive with my puppy?

A.  Our AKC Standard Poodles will come with their AKC Application, a copy of our signed puppy contract/health warranty, copies of parents' health testing, puppy shot record/ and or health certificate from our veterinarian, a Sample of their current puppy food, toys, sample of vitamins and a blanket or towel with dam and litter mate's scents.   

Q.  What shipping options do you offer?  

A.  We do offer a flight nanny service or we will make arrangements with United Pet Safe for shipping within the Continental U.S.  Shipping is at Buyer's expense. We currently will not ship our puppies with ground transport.  If Buyer would like to use a flight nanny, we have one that we can recommend. However, buyer has to hire their service directly from them. Shipping cost vary from$475-$550.

Q. Do you ship your puppies internationally?

A.  Yes, we have done so, but it is very time consuming and it there will be an additional cost. We will consider it on an individual basis depending on several factors.

Q.  How do I know if my puppy application was approved?  

A.  We will contact you within 2-5 business days to set up a time for a telephone conversation.

Q. Can my deposit be switched to a different litter?

A.  Yes, if we don't get the sex and/or color you placed a deposit on, you may move it to the next available litter.  However, you may or may not have the same picking order as there may already be deposit holders for the other litter.  You may also move your deposit one time for any reason other than the reasons stated above.

Q.  How often will I receive updated photos once I choose my puppy?

A.  We try to post or send updated puppy photos every two weeks.  We realize our puppy families are very excited to receive updates, but please understand we are very busy implementing puppy culture and caring for your new family member. Plus, we have our own family and adult dogs to care for.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

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