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El Silencio's Walking on Sunshine


Meet Tucker, our distinguished Standard Poodle sire who celebrated his 2nd birthday on July 11, 2023. Cloaked in a striking Black Phantom coat that radiates with an intensity of 9/10, he's a vision of elegance and beauty in the world of Standard Poodles. But his allure doesn't just stop at his appearance; Tucker carries genes for Red, Brown, and Parti, enriching the genetic palette he offers.

Health is a top priority, and Tucker stands tall with clear results from Embark testing. A proud bearer of OFA Good hips and Normal elbows, he's on the cusp of obtaining his OFA CHIC number, further cementing his status as a top-tier sire.

Weighing in at a fit 47 pounds, Tucker boasts a friendly and outgoing personality. He's the life of the canine party, mingling seamlessly with other dogs. But it's not just his good looks and charm that make him special. Tucker consistently passes on his remarkable attributes to his progeny, creating offspring that are a blend of health, beauty, and temperament. This makes them a hot commodity, not only for families seeking the perfect pet but also for breeders on the hunt for exceptional lineage.

Speaking of lineage, Tucker's sire was an exquisite import from Canada, giving him a unique genetic heritage that sets him apart from most Phantoms in the USA. As a result, Tucker's puppies are in high demand and are treasured as rare gems in the world of Standard Poodles.

In short, Tucker is more than just a dog; he's a legacy. And we're proud to have him as a cornerstone of our breeding program.

Embark Clear Genetics

Color Traits:

Em/e, ky/ky, at/at, B/b, S/sp, m/m

(Does not carry saddle tan)

OFA Finals:

Good Hips

Normal Elbows



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