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Testimonial for El Silencio Standard Poodles  
From Karen Kessel, litter of 6/15/19
I started looking for Standard Poodle breeders in 2017. I did a lot of looking, as I knew I wanted to find a puppy from someone who really did things the right way. I was very impressed with El Silencio's website, so contacted Manuela (the owner) to inquire about purchasing a puppy. She asked me a lot of questions to make sure I would provide the right kind of home and environment for one of her precious puppies. I did not feel that this was out of line, and was impressed that she cared so much about where they were going. I was not able to acquire a puppy until the June 2019 litter. It was made clear that I could always wait on future litters. But I chose not to wait, as the litter was fantastic. But I live in California, and El Silencio is in West Virginia. What was I to do? I have never taken possession of an animal "sight unseen" and put my faith in Manuela's experience with shipping puppies. Communication was great, and I always got an instant answer to my questions. When I picked up "Paris" at SFO, she was in beautiful condition, water in the crate, labeling and paperwork was done to the T's, and I was on my way home in minutes from her landing.  She made the two and a half hour ride without a peep, so well adjusted and calm.  All the grooming and handling that was done early on in her life certainly paid off. She has been home for several weeks now and has fit right in with my other poodle. She is just so healthy and happy! Puppy class is going well & the instructor commented on what a well-mannered puppy she was. I can't say enough good things about the new love in my life, and Manuela's breeding program. 
Sheila Swiers


After searching for a puppy for several months we came across El Silencio's December 2019 Dahlia x Lincoln litter.  "George Washington" was just what we were looking for!  Manuela was wonderful to work with, knowledgeable, honest and so helpful in getting everything lined up to fly our puppy home.  She was even thoughtful enough to send a lovely assortment of puppy supplies to get us started.  Clearly she cares about her puppies!  We named our sweet pup Monte and he has been wonderful.  He house trained very quickly and he now sleeps quietly through the night in our bedroom.  Monte is laid back and gets along with other dogs & cats and is great with our young grandchildren!  He is beautiful and people have commented on how striking he is when they see him out and about with us.  We highly recommend El Silencio Standard Poodles!

Kerstin Klimaschewski


We are now part of the El Silencio-Family too. Blossom, called Stormy now, moved to Germany. She is such a great dog. So smart, friendly, even housebroken and self confident in new situations. Manuela was very helpful and patient: There are a lot of things, you have to do, when a dog is shipped to Germany. I am so thankful for all her help and for Little-Stormy. Thank you so much

Kiley Cabrera recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 1 ·

I got my new baby from El Silencio almost a week ago. My family absolutely loves her. She blended right in, and made herself at home. Vet said she looked fantastic, happy and healthy. thank you for our new family member. !

Joey Kolodrub Koldare-Burtaine recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 6 ·

5-Star! Have had 8 Standards over the years. Lost our fav in November. Found El Silencio. Manuela Klecz patiently guided us through about a million phone calls & texts to find the perfect pup. We liked her philosophy and researched approach to breeding & raising pups. After doing lots of reading on raising siblings, we brought 2 brothers home a week and a half ago. We love them & can’t imagine life without them. Pretty pups, but more importantly, very smart with well-balanced temperaments. They are curious, love the basics of puppy trading & have integrated well with our 4YRO & 9YRO Standard Poodles. Thanks, Manuela, for our beautiful babies.

Nikki Danny Goddard recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

October 31, 2018 ·

What a fantastic experience we had with meeting our handsome new fella!!!! Very professional but also very personable! You can tell how loved and cared for each puppy is! Id definitely purchase in the future and recommend El Silencio Standard Poodles to anyone looking for high quality Poodles!

Sarah Milligan recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 8 ·

We picked up our girl almost a week ago. She has integrated into our family seamlessly. She’s had no accidents in the house, goes to the door and whines to go out. She has picked up sit and stay after being shown one time. She is an amazing puppy! Manuela has been fabulous and it’s evident the work she puts into her puppies. Margarita aka Thea is calm, confident, and so smart. She is beautiful and has completely stolen our hearts. Our vet loved her personality and said she was perfect. We highly recommend El Silencio’s standard poodles. We couldn’t be happier with the service and our new family member!

Cierra Fowler recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 4 ·

I couldn’t be happier about the poodle I received from El Silencio Standard Poodles, he is the most kind hearted and well behaved boy for the young age that he is... he loves our other dogs and fits in perfectly with our little family❤️😊 Also did I mention he’s very handsome 🐶😍

Erin Cox recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 1 ·

For anyone looking for a standard poodle, El Silencio is the place to go. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. We’ve had Leroy for 2 weeks now and he has fit in perfect with our family. He adores our kids and our other dogs. He is one of the sweetest puppies we have ever gotten and he is so calm. Our vet fell in love the moment she saw him and said he was perfect. I can’t thank you enough for this perfect addition to our family! 💕

DebraLee Hovey reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

June 19 ·

If you want a fabulous, well bred, perfect temperament Standard poodle. I can not give a higher recommendation to a breeder than Manuela Klecz and El Silencio Standard Poodles. Beautiful pups... lovely woman... tells it like it is.

El Silencio’s Hualani Beau LOVES the fan! This humidity is ruining his hairdo! He is a natural swimmer and retriever and not even 4 months yet. Housebroken and smart as a whip! That is what great breeding gives you!

Andromeda Angell recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

October 17, 2018 ·

I cannot believe how perfect Hypnos is. Everything about my interaction with Manuela was beyond friendly and incredibly helpful. I will definitely be a repeat customer in a few years

Terry Beckman Greene recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

September 26, 2018 ·

El Silencio Poodles are the BEST!! We got our beautiful sable parti little girl a few days ago and she is every bit as smart as she is beautiful. “Jazy” has had no accidents and even has started to come when called. She is amazing!! For those considering a standard poodle, El Silencio is the place! ❤️

Elizabeth Walters

May 8

This is my Oscar! He joined our family in December 2017 (the day after my brother’s funeral). God’s timing was perfect because he brought joy and distraction during a difficult time.

He has brought SO MUCH LIGHT into our lives. He is the sweetest, funniest, snuggliest big lug and we couldn’t picture life without him!

Marjorie Russo O'Connell recommends El Silencio Standard Poodles.

February 1 ·

I highly recommend Manuela/El Silencio Standard Poodles. She always had time for my questions and requests. It has been one week since we picked up our little girl (Cali). We flew to West Virginia and drove home 11 hours and our little baby was an angel. She has the best personality and is totally comfortable in her new home. It is quite obvious how much Manuela cares for her babies. We are in love with our new baby girl❤️ Thank you Manuela.

Francine Hall reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

July 27 at 3:56 PM ·

I purchased two puppies last month and they are awesome. Healthy, intelligent, colorful, and lovable. I highly recommend El Silencio Standard Poodles.

Brian Gulla reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

July 27 at 6:39 PM ·

My wife and I purchased a male poodle puppy from the previous litter. He is very smart, eager to please, and is very well put together. We couldn’t be happier!

Brittney McDonald Stewart reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

July 31 at 9:58 PM ·

When we found El Silencio Standard Poodles, we were so so happy!
We had looked for a Standard puppy for over a year with the genetic testing, pedigree, health guarantees and knowledge that Manuela has with this breed.
Manuela's dogs are incredible, as is she! She goes out of her way to answer and questions you have, along with making sure her dogs are top quality.
We purchased a female standard (Jada) from her earlier this year, and we are so thrilled. She has became such a huge part in our family.
We have started obedience training with her, and she makes our trainer more proud at every session.
Cannot say enough positive things about El Silencio!

Elizabeth Walters reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

January 27 ·

We love our Oscar!! He’s been such a perfect addition to our family!

Lindsey Pilcher-hembree reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

January 18 ·

We received the most beautiful brindle girl from El Silencio. She has the best temperament and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect and healthy puppy. El Silencio was great to work with answering all of our questions and keeping us updated on our sweet girl until we picked her up.

Rochelle Neville Wilson reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

January 18 ·

We have the sweetest, smartest & spunkiest little phantom girl from El Silencio! We've only had her a little over a month but I don't know how we lived without her. Manuela obviously takes great care and concern with her puppies. We had to have our pup shipped to us & everything went like clockwork. Manuela is responsive, and delightful to work with. She was available and eager to answer all my questions. We've had a great experience.

Tinkerbell Rochelle Wilson_edited.jpg
Mary McGinty Dalton reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

January 18 ·

I was fortunate enough to find El Silencio and my future stud male Druid. He's gonna be a big boy and has the sweetest disposition (besides being incredibly handsome). Very happy with my boy!

Druid .jpg
Kim Gulla reviewed El Silencio Standard Poodles — 5 star

August 9, 2017 ·

Beautiful dogs! Excellent bloodlines! Dependable and Honest Breeder!

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