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El Silencio's Enchanted Daydream


ky/ky ay/at sp/sp Em/e B/b
Sable Parti

El Silencio's Phantastic Voyage


kbr/ky at/at sp/sp B/B Em/E
Blue Brindle Pointed Phantom Tuxedo

Tested above CHIC requirements

On February 1, 2021 Daisy filled our basket with 10 precious fruits of love!



Congratulations Lori F.

Amber is a beautiful Phantom Parti girl! You will for sure get noticed with this cutie pie! Love her black hind leg!



Brae is a stunning Phantom Tuxedo/Parti girl!  Her points are coming in nicely!  

Honey Crisp

Congratulations Gail F.

Honey is a Phantom Tuxedo girl! Sweet as can be! She will be the apple of your eye!  


Congratulations  Clare V.

Gala is a classy Sable Parti girl! She will WOW the crowd with her wild looks!

Autumn Glory

Congratulations  Sheryl E.

Autumn is a very uniquely marked Sable Tuxedo girl! This gorgeous girl will stand out for sure!

Ginger Gold

Congratulations  Diana D.

Ginger is a beautiful Sable Tuxedo girl! White ring around the neck! Very evenly marked on both sides. What a looker!


Congratulations  Carrie E.

Mac is a Phantom Tuxedo boy!

This flashy boy will be a heartbreaker. 



Fuji is a super dark Sable Tuxedo boy! Four white feet, a white belly and 1/2 neck ring. Most likely will stay dark longer. 



Jona is a Sable Tuxedo boy! Four white feet, a white belly and a little white nose make this guy super cute!

William's Pride

Congratulations Bob P. 

William is a Brindle Tuxedo boy! Four high white feet, a white belly and a white nose! He will turn heads wherever he goes. 

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