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All puppies from this litter have found their new families

Sun-Kissed Sensations

Well, talk about a colorful mix of pups! In the wee hours of a certain spooky Friday the 13th, 2023 we witnessed a furry explosion of colors. Our Sun-Kissed Sensation litter unveiled themselves in an array of shades: a vivacious Red/Apricot Parti girl, a radiant Red/Apricot darling girl, a mysterious black-based Sable girl, a Brown-based Sable girl a flashy Sable Parti girl, and a singular Red Abstract lad (who, we're certain, will be the talk of every dog park). But that's not all! These diverse divas and dashing dude, carrying the coveted Phantom, Brown, and Parti genes, hail from some top-notch pedigree. They're the glitzy kiddos of the superstar sire, El Silencio's Walking on Sunshine (who needs no introduction), and the dazzling diva dam, El Silencio's Parti with Bacardi (rumor has it she can out-party any pup around)! 🎉🐾

Circle December 8th, 2023, on your calendars, for that's when these radiant pups will be set to embark on their journey to their forever homes. We're still taking reservations – so grab the opportunity to welcome a touch of sunshine and magic into your life! 💛🐾🌞🌟

Meet our little Sunshines

Brown Phantom Female Standard Poodle


  • Female

  • Apricot (genetically Brown Phantom), carries for Parti

  • Congratulations Sheila M.


  • Female

  • Sable Parti (carries for Phantom and Brown and possibly Red

  • $1500 pet price

  • Congratulations

  • Sharon C.

Sable Parti Female Standard Poodle Puppy
Sable Standard Poodle