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In honor of our great nation's beginning, our new litter's theme is a tribute to our founding fathers and mothers. We the Poodles are named after Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Molly Pitcher.  

The proud parents to all of these stunning Phantom and Phantom Parti puppies, that were born on 11th December 2019, are

UKC CH. Ramzees Dahlia of Mazinblue and

Lincoln Com Dogkru. AKC registered.

Breeding rights can be discussed.

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Lincoln Com Dogkru

UKC CH. Ramzees Dahlia Of Mazinblue

ky/ky at/at Sp/sp E/e B/B
kbr/ky at/at Sp/sp E/E B/B

Benjamin Franklin

Congratulations Nichole F.


Super fancy Phantom boy


Carries for Parti


George Washington

Congratulations Sheila S.


Blue Phantom Abstract


Carries for Parti





John Adams

Congratulations Rachael C.


Phantom boy Abstract

(Brindle Pointed)




Alexander Hamilton

Congratulation Samantha P.


Phantom boy Abstract 

(Brindle Pointed)

Carries for Parti



Betsy Ross

Congratulations Janet L.


Brindle Pointed Phantom Abstract girl 

Genetically clear




Martha Washington

Congratulations Savannah H. 


Phantom Parti girl

DM carrier




Abigail Adams

Congratulations Shannon P. 


Phantom Parti girl

Genetically clear




Molly Pitcher

Congratulations Samantha P.


Phantom girl Abstract

Most likely Brindle Pointed

Carries for Parti

Genetically clear




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