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Cherdon's Laird of Lallybroch at El Silencio



A Regal Arrival at El Silencio Standard Poodles

We are thrilled to announce a new majestic addition to our family: Cherdon's Laird of Lallybrooch at El Silencio, affectionately known as Jamie. This exquisite Phantom Standard Poodle, reminiscent of the dashing lead from the famed TV series OUTLANDER, boasts impeccable genetics. He's a proud carrier for Brown and Parti and is genetically clear through the rigorous Embark testing. Moreover, Jamie proudly flaunts OFA Prelims with Good hips and Normal Elbows, setting him up as an exemplary future stud for our program.

This magnificent gift comes from my dear, long-time friend, Kim. Her generosity knows no bounds, and I am deeply touched by this gesture. To gift such an outstanding Standard Poodle stud is a testament to the trust and bond we share.

We eagerly anticipate the brilliance and grace Jamie will bring to El Silencio Standard Poodles. As we usher in this new chapter, our hearts overflow with gratitude. Thank you once more, Kim, for entrusting us with this splendid boy. Your generosity will be remembered in every beautiful pup Jamie sires.

Embark Clear Genetics

Color Traits:

Em/e, ky/ky, at/at, B/b, S/sp, m/m

(Does not carry saddle tan)

OFA Prelims:

Good Hips

Normal Elbows



Canine Good Citizen

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